The Problem

If you are a resident of Delhi / NCR or the major towns in North India, you are aware that the air quality starts to deteriorate sometime towards the end of October – beginning of November.

Over the last couple of years, a heavy smog ( which seems to become worse every year ) envelops Delhi / NCR and causes a lot of respiratory and health issues.

The cause of this air pollution multifold and includes components of:

  • Smoke for Vehicle Exhaust Fumes
  • Crop Burning
  • Dust in Uncovered Areas
  • Construction Activity
  • Old and Inefficient Diesel Trucks / Autos
  • etc etc

If we don’t start doing something about it NOW, the problem will become worse with each passing year.

The Solution

Air quality is an ‘invisible problem’ and till it’s right in your face, it does not become an epidemic.

A comprehensive and sustainable solution is complex and involves various social, economic, cultural and other factors. A ‘Right To Clean Air Act’ enabled and powered by the Parliament of India can deliver sustainable results.

  • Economic Assessment, Impact and Alternative to Crop Burning by farmers
  • Controlling the massive numbers of cars and vehicles in NCR
  • Regulating the flow and bypass of Trucks / Transport Vehicles passing through
  • Dust Conrol in The City
  • Regulation of Construction Activity while balancing growth
  • Enhancing Public Transport Infrastructure
  • Improving Last Mile Connectivity
  • Sustainable Clean Energy Solutions for the Economically Disadvantaged

A solution backed by legislation and support of people of India can make a lasting difference.

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